Garmin Edge 520 Manual And Instructions

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Garmin engineers products in a healthy ecosystem for people who enjoy life on the outside. The Garmin Edge 520 is one the finest products of Garmin flaunting impeccable quality and superior reliability resulting in excellent user experiences.

Goals were never meant to be easy but that doesn’t mean that setting up and training with your Garmin Edge 520 shouldn’t be easy as well. This rider’s manual has all the necessary information required to get started with the device explained step by step.

What’s in the box  

Garmin Edge 520 GPS enabled bike computer comes in two options – Device only and Bundle

Device Only With Bundle
Edge 520Edge 520
Mounts (standard and extended out-front)Mounts (standard and extended out-front)
USB cableUSB cable
ManualsHeart rate monitor
Cadence sensor
Speed sensor

Turning on the Garmin Edge 520

  • The Garmin Edge 520 is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery which is capable of delivering 15+ hours of battery life after a full charge
  • For charging the device, simply remove the weather cap on the backside of the device and use the USB cable that comes in the box to connect the device to your computer or an AC adapter.
  • After the device is charged  hold the power button (1) to turn on the computer.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and fill the basic details about yourself like your weight, height, cycling ability and activity profiles etc
Turning on the Garmin Edge 520
  • If your package includes sensors like the heart rate sensor, cadence sensor and speed sensor (bundle package) then they can be activated during the first time configuration of the device
  • Locating satellite signals may be required while using for the first time. This can be easily performed by taking the device to an area where the sky is clear
  • Date and time are automatically set with the help of GPS positioning

Installing the Garmin Edge 520 on the bike

  • The Garmin Edge 520 package includes a standard mount and a Out-Front Mount for fixing the device to the bike while on a ride
  • The recommended area to mount the device on the bike is either the stem or the handle bar of the bike in such a way that the front is facing towards the sky

Installing the Standard quarter turn mount :

  1. Determine the location where you would like to fix your computer
  2. Place the O ring on the back of the bike mount to hold the mount steady in its place and place it on the handlebar/stem.
  3. Fix one of the rubber bands at one tab of the bike mount and loop it around the handlebar/stem to fix on the diagonally opposite tab of the bike mount as shown in the video below.
  4. Do the same by taking another rubber band and looping it across the other remaining diagonally opposite tabs.
  5. After you have successfully fixed your mount press your device on the mount slightly and turn it clockwise to lock it on the mount

Detailed Instruction is in this Video

Installing the out front mount :

  • Determine the location where you would like to mount your computer
Installing edge 520 the out front mount
  • Take the hex key and fit it into slot 1 and unscrew so that you can fix the mount on to the handle
  • Position the mount on the handle so that the mount is central and the device is clearly visible while you are on the road
  • After placing the mount use the hex key to fix the mount at the decided place on the handlebar
  • If your handlebar is not thick enough to tightly fasten the mount then use the rubber pad around the handlebar that comes with the package : thicker pad for handlebar dia of 25.4mm and thinner pad for handlebar dia of 31.8mm
  • Tighten the screw so that it is fixed on the handlebar
  • Place your device on the mount slightly and turn it clockwise to lock it on the mount

Detailed Instruction is in this Video

Connecting your smartphone to the Edge 520

  1. For pairing the Garmin Edge 520 with your smartphone, first, you will need to download the Garmin Connect Mobile App from the app store
  2. After you have downloaded the App, open the app and bring your smartphone close to the Edge 520 (at least within 10 meters of the device)
  3. On your Edge 520, select Menu>Settings>Bluetooth> Enable>Pair Smartphone and then follow the instructions that come on the screen
  4. In case the Edge 520 is the first ever device that you are pairing with the Garmin Connect mobile app then you have to just follow the on-screen instructions
  5. In the scenario where you have already paired a different Garmin device with the mobile app in the past then you need to go to the Menu and select Garmin Devices>Add Device
  6. You can also opt to enable phone notifications if you want your device to show text and call notifications on the ride

Edge 520’s Connected Bluetooth Features

Before going into features please note that your device should be connected to your smartphone which has the Garmin Connect Mobile App already installed in order to use some of the Bluetooth connected features.

  • Weather Updates : This feature allows your smartphone to send real time weather updates and alerts which gets displayed on your Edge 520
  • Livetrack : With this feature, now you can invite people by mailing them or through social media to view your live data on a Garmin connect tracking page
  • Social media : Posting an update to your favorite social media platform as soon as you upload an activity on Garmin connect is made possible with this feature
  • Downloading from Garmin Connect : Using the Garmin connect mobile app you can now search for courses, segments or workouts and download them to your phone and then send them to your Edge 520
  • Incident Detection : The incident detection feature allows you to select Emergency contacts by going to the app settings in the Garmin Connect mobile app. By entering this information your incident detection feature is turned on automatically and it sends a message to the entered emergency contact as soon as it detects an incident
  • Edge 520 to Edge 520 file transfer : With this feature you can wirelessly transfer files like segments, courses and workouts from one Edge device to another compatible Edge device by bringing them within a range of 3m

On the device that contains the files select Menu>Settings > Device Transfers > Share Files

On the device that receives the files select Menu > Settings > Device Transfers

Navigating on the Edge 520

Remembering landmarks on the road is made super easy with the Mark Location feature of the Edge 520. The latest Navigation system on the Edge 520 allows the user to mark, save and edit a location.

  • Marking a location can be done by selecting > Mark Location > OK
  • Once a location is saved, it can be found under Locations in the Training Menu
  • The user can also edit details like elevation of any saved location by clicking on the location name in the menu
  • For deleting a location which is no longer required select the location and click on Delete Location > OK

Using the Map

During a ride the map can be viewed by pressing the down button. For zooming in and out of the map :-

  • Select > Zoom Map In/Out
  • You can opt to either enable or disable the Auto Zoom feature which automatically sets the Zoom level for a map
  • In case you want to set the level of zoom in the map select Set Zoom Level
  • Pressing the upward arrow zooms into the map while pressing the down arrow zooms out of the map
  • To save the zoom level select after you are done (optional)

Training with the Edge 520 – Prove your edge

Starting a Ride

  • After the satellite bars have turned green you are ready to go for your first ride with the Edge 520
  • For starting the timer go to the activity profile from the home screen by pressing
  • Select an activity profile and start the timer.
  • The Garmin Edge 520 also gives the option to choose the data screens that you wanna see while using the ride feature like TIme of day, Speed, Distance covered and Calories
Starting a Ride with garmin edge 520
  • After completing the ride, stop the timer to complete the ride. Please note that before saving or sharing the ride on Garmin Connect account you can change the type of the ride for accurate data saving
  • Select Save Ride

Virtual Partner

As one of the most liked features of the Garmin Edge 520, the Virtual partner motivates the ride to push harder and successfully full his/her goals.

For using the virtual partner :-

  • Enable the virtual partner screen for the activity profile
  • The details of the Virtual partner can be viewed by pressing the down button in the Virtual Partner screen
  • The screen shows whether you are leading or lagging behind the competitor with details like distance and time
  • According to the intensity of the training you can adjust the speed of your virtual partner

Target Setting with the Edge 520

The feature of training with a target combines with the Virtual partner feature allowing the user to work towards goals like –

  • Distance only
  • Distance and time
  • Distance and Speed

For using the target setting feature go to Menu > Training > Setting a Target and select from options as mentioned above.

The Garmin Edge 520 gives real-time feedback on the ride and displays information like estimated finish time on the training target screen calculated based on the time remaining and your performance

Personal Records

No matter who your competition is, the one person that you have to beat is the rider you were yesterday. And that is done by beating your personal best.

Personal Records

As soon as you complete your ride, the Garmin Edge 520 will automatically display if you have broken any kind of personal records during that ride.

Breaking personal records like fastest time over a standard distance, longest time or most ascent gained in a ride will no longer go unnoticed with the Edge 520.

For viewing a personal record go to Menu > MyStats > Personal Records

You can also choose to revert or delete a set personal record by selecting a Personal record. However, deleting a personal record will not delete any saved activities.

Training with courses

The Course feature allows you to save a route that you like and travel on a regular basis like commute to work. This saved course can be used to compete against your Virtual partner by trying to match or exceed previously set goals.

Creating a course on your Garmin Edge 520 :-

  • Go to Menu > Training > Courses > Course Options > Create New
  • Select an activity and then enter a name for the new course
  • Select the course from the list and ride by pressing > Ride
  • You can also review and edit the course details like name or color of the course by selecting Settings

Downloading a course from Garmin Connect :-

  • Open the Garmin Connect Mobile App or go to
  • Click on the option of creating a new course  
  • Follow the on screen instructions to send the course to the Edge 520
  • On the Edge 520, select  Menu > Training > Courses and then click on the course that you downloaded
  • Select Ride

Training smart with the Course feature :-

  • Prior to starting the course it is important to get your body warmed up. All you need to do is stay away from the course during your warm up phase. As soon as you are ready go towards the start of your course. As soon as you reach towards the course start a message will pop up letting you know about the course
  • Please note that the Virtual Partner starts the course as soon as you start the timer
  • If you stray away from the course then a message appears on the screen telling you to get back on course
  • The course map is viewable by scrolling to the map screen on the Edge 520
  • The courses can also be customized by changing the color or by including course points on the map
  • Every course contains important information like Summary, Maps, Elevation and Laps which can be viewed by clicking on a Course in the Course menu
  • Under Course Options you can either Enable or Disable the turn guidance

Deleting a course on the Garmin Edge 520 :-

  • Select Menu > Training > Courses
  • Select a course
  • Select Delete > OK

Training with Segments

Segments are virtual race courses. Similar to training with Courses, you can send Segments from your Garmin Connect account to your Edge 520. While downloading a course, the segments that are included in the course are automatically downloaded to the device.

The downloaded segments can be used to race against, beat a personal record or beat other cyclists who have ridden across the segment.

Strava Segments

Along with Garmin Connect segments, the Edge 520 is the first ever Garmin device where you can also download segments from Strava. In case you are new, Strava is a social network for fitness enthusiasts that is primarily used for tracking cycling and running exercises. The live Strava segments can be used for training against past rides, friends or even professionals who have tried and uploaded their details on Strava. The Edge 520 automatically transfers the Strava segments to your device as soon as it is connected to Garmin Connect mobile or your computer

If you link your Garmin Connect account to your Strava account then your device automatically sends your activity to your Strava account which can be used to review your position on the segment during the ride.

Downloading a Segment  

  • Go to and select the segment that you want to download to your Edge 520
  • Select Send to Device
  • Disconnect the device and then turn it on
  • The segment is already downloaded to the device and can be found by going to Menu > Training > Segments

Using the features of Segment requires you to enable the same on your device. With the Edge 520 you can get alerts on approaching segments by enabling the segment feature.

  • For enabling segments go to Menu > Training > Segments
  • Select the segment that you want to enable and click on Enable
  • After enabling a segment, you can use the virtual race track to compete and compare against other riders as well as your best performance on the track
  • You can view your position on the leaderboard of that particular segment
  • Changing your goal while riding the segment and choosing to race against the group leader, other riders or a challenger is also possible on the Edge 520
  • The Edge 520 notifies you on the completion of a segment by displaying a message on the screen

Segment Options

  • Segment options are available under the main Menu of Segments which can be accessed by going to Menu > Training > Segments > Segment Options
  • The Segment options gives the user the capability of searching for saved segments by name, enabling or disabling the segments loaded on the device and also to delete saved segments
  • For viewing the segment details go to Menu > Training > Segments and then select the segment
  • You can choose to view details like Map, Leaderboard or the Elevation plot of the saved segment

Deleting a segment on the Garmin Edge 520

  • Select Menu > Training > Segments
  • Select a segment
  • Select Delete > OK

Training with Workouts

When it comes to workouts, a workout plan custom tailored for you or your capabilities delivers the best results. This can either be achieved by creating a custom workout plan or by downloading a suitable plan from the Garmin Connect Account.

Thanks to the Edge 520 you now have the ability to download and even create workout plans in advance and store them in your device.

For downloading a workout plan from the web :

  • Go to or connect your device to the computer
  • Create and save a new workout and select Send to Device
  • Follow the on screen instructions

Performing a workout

  • After successfully downloading a workout plan to your Edge 520 go to Menu > Training > Workouts and select the workout you just created
  • Select Do Workout and start the timer
  • The device will start displaying the workout step by step along with the current workout data
  • The steps of the workout can be viewed by pressing the down button at any time
  • To end a workout step just press the lap button
  • To stop a workout you can press the timer button and select Stop Workout
  • For previewing a workout just select the workout and click on Preview Workout
  • Workouts can be deleted by selecting the Delete Workout option after selecting a workout

Pairing the Edge 520 with ANT+ sensors

The Edge 520 is compatible with devices that use wireless ANT+ sensors and can be set up as easy as setting up a Bluetooth connection.

Before pairing any ANT+ sensor with the Edge 520, the sensor must be turned on and brought within 3m of the device. Let’s take the example of pairing a heart rate monitor with the Edge 520 :-

  • Select Menu > Settings > Sensors > Add Sensor
  • Select the sensor type
  • If the sensor is not visible on the screen yet, then select Search All to search for all the nearby sensors
  • Select Add Sensor
  • After successfully pairing the sensor with your device, the sensor status will be shown as connected and a data field can be customized to view the sensor data on the screen

You can visit for knowing the list of ANT+ sensors that are compatible with the Edge 520. The sensors used mainly by riders are listed below :-

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor should be strapped onto your body so that it is placed just below your sternum and so that the Garmin logo is on the right side up.

Heart Rate Monitor with edge 520
Heart Rate Monitor

For putting on the Heart Rate Monitor :-

  • Fix the Heart Rate Monitor Module onto the strap
  • Wet the electrodes and the contact patches on the back of the strap to create a strong connection between your chest and the transmitter
  • Wrap the strap around the chest and fix the strap on the hook
  • Pair it with your Garmin Edge 520 by bringing in within 3m of the device

Pairing your Edge 520 with a Heart Rate Monitor enables the device to give you the information on Recovery Time which is the amount of time that is left before you fully recover from the activities of a previous session.

For recommending recovery time, the Edge 520 uses your VO2 max estimates which gives accurate data after you have completed a few activities. To learn more about VO2 max estimates click here  – link to main article VO2 max estimates

You can view the recommended recovery time by going to by –

  • Initially enabling the advisor by going to Menu > My Stats > Recovery Advisor > Enable
  • Completing the ride and then Save Ride
  • The recovery time will be displayed

Speed Sensor

For setting up the speed sensor follow the simple steps mentioned below :-

  • Hold the speed sensor on top of the wheel hub
  • Pull the strap (1) and attach it to the hook (2)
  • Even if the sensor is a little tilted it will function normally
  • Check for clearance by rotating the wheel. Make sure that the sensor is not touching any other parts of the bike

Cadence Sensor

Cadence is the rate of pedalling measured by the number of revolutions of the crank arm per minute (rpm). After pairing the cadence sensor with the device it will always record cadence data. For installing the cadence sensor –

  • Select the smallest band size that stretches across the crank arm
  • Place and hold the flat side of the cadence sensor on the inside of the crank arm on the non-drive side
  • Attach the bands to the hooks by stretching around the crank arm
  • Check for clearance by rotating the crank arm
  • It is recommended to test the sensor with a 15 minute ride to ensure that no damage is done to the equipment

Training with a Power Meter

A compatible power meter can be paired with the Edge 520 just like any other ANT+ device. For calibrating a power meter you can –

  • Select Menu > Settings > Sensors and select Power meter
  • Select Calibrate
  • Keep pedalling to keep your sensor active until a message appears on your Edge 520
  • Follow the on screen instructions

By measuring the force, the direction of force, the rotation of the crank arm, and time, the power meter can determine power (watts). Because Vector independently measures left and right leg power, it reports your left-right power balance

Cycling Dynamics

Cycling Dynamics of edge 520

The cycling dynamics metrics are only available when you pair your Edge 520 with a power meter. Metrics such as the area and time where you apply pedal throughout the pedal stroke allows you to understand your way of riding. This information is very useful in evaluating the best bike fit for you and train more efficiently. For viewing the Cycling Dynamics data :-

  • While on a ride scroll to the Cycling dynamics screen to view data as shown in the figure
  • This is the default screen which shows Power phase data, total power and platform center
  • You can customize the two data fields at the bottom of the screen if required
  • You can also send the ride to Garmin Connect to view additional cycling dynamics data

Power Phase Data – The pedal stroke region where you produce positive power.

Platform Center Offset – The location on the pedal where you apply force is called the Platform Center Offset

Getting your FTP estimate –

You can also get the estimate of your Functional Threshold Power with your inbuilt FTP testing feature in the Garmin Edge 520. The device automatically keeps a track of your FTP after you have performed the initial FTP test. Follow the steps mentioned here to perform the FTP test

Indoor Training

The Edge 520 is compatible with ANT+ indoor training devices and can be used for training indoors with an indoor trainer.

Pairing the Edge 520 with ANT+ Indoor trainer

  • Bring the device within 3m of the ANT+ indoor trainer
  • Select Menu > Training > Indoor Trainer > Pair ANT+ Bike Trainer
  • Select the indoor trainer and click on Add Sensor
  • After the sensor is successfully paired, the data fields can be customised to view sensor data

Training with ANT+ Indoor Trainer

The first step for training with an indoor trainer is to mount the bike on the trainer and pairing it with your Edge 520.

With the help of your device, you can simulate resistance while following a course, workout or activity on the indoor trainer. For using the features of the Edge 520 –

  • Select Menu > Training > Indoor Trainer   
  • Select from Follow a course, Follow an activity or Follow a workout to get started with your training
  • After selecting the training option select Ride
  • Press the bottom right button on the device to start the timer
  • Pressing the down button will display the trainer screen on the device as shown in the figure
  • The training screen displays the level of resistance, distance and time metrics according to the activity profile that you have selected
  • To adjust the resistance force applied by the trainer select Menu > Training > Indoor Trainer > Set Resistance
  • To set the target power value select Menu > Training > Indoor Trainer > Set Target Power

Connecting your device to Garmin Connect

Creating an account on Garmin Connect allows you to avail all the features of the Garmin community by synchronizing your device with Garmin Connect.

For sending ride data from your Edge 520 to Garmin Connect you can –

  • Use the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone to sync the ride data from your Edge 520 with the Garmin Connect account
  • Connect your Edge 520 to the computer by using the USB cable that comes in the box and send ride data from your device to the Garmin connect account
Connecting your device to Garmin Connect

Tracking, analyzing and sharing ride data was never as encouraging as it has become with Garmin connect. Creating an account and pairing your device enables you to store your activities which can be analyzed afterward.

Data metrics such as distance, calories burned, pace and speed charts, heart rate (requires a heart rate monitor) and even an overhead map view is available once the ride data is successfully sent to Garmin connect.

Connecting your device to Garmin 520 - Connecting steps

Garmin Connect also gives the option of looking at customizable reports which can be utilized for planning on a training routine and tracking its progress.

You can also follow others who are also working towards achieving similar goals like you. Connecting with friends and sharing your activities on your favorite social networking sites also feels satisfying post the completion of a training activity.

Customizing the Edge 520

The Garmin Edge 520 is a smart device which records data automatically when you are on the ride. For example, whenever you are changing direction or speed, the device automatically detects the change and records these key points.

Adding Connect IQ features to your Edge 520 can be done by wither using the Garmin Connect mobile App or by connecting your device to the computer and signing in These features include :-

  • Apps :- Latest outdoor and fitness activity types and other interactive features can be added to the device
  • Data fields :- New data fields which do not come installed in the Edge 520 can be downloaded to view information such as sensor, activity and history data in different ways. These Connect IQ data fields can be added to built-in features and pages
  • Widgets :-  These widgets are best suited for viewing information such as notifications and sensor data at a glance

Setting up your profile –

User Profile –

Turning on the device for the first time will prompt you to set up the profile   by entering basic information such as age, height and weight. This information can be updated later by selecting Menu > My Stats > User Profile and choosing the option that you want to update.

Activity Profile –

If you are planning to use your device for different types of training activities such as racing or mountain biking then you can create separate activity profiles for each type. Customized activity profiles include customized data pages, activity totals, alerts, training zones (e.g heart rate and speed) and navigation settings. The Edge 520 allows you to set up to 10 different activity profiles.

Customizing data screens –

For each of the activity profiles that you create you can customize the data screens :-

  • Select Menu > Settings > Activity Profiles and select a profile
  • Select Data Screens and then select an option
  • Select the number of data screens that should be visible on the screen
  • Select a data field to change it

Changing the Map orientation –

The orientation of the maps that appear in an activity profile can also be customised  :-

  • Select Menu > Settings > Activity Profiles and select a profile
  • Select Map > Orientation
  • Select North Up to show north at top of the page, Track Up to show your current direction of travel or 3D Mode to display the map in three dimensions

Display Settings –

The display on the screen can also be customized in the Edge 520 by selecting Menu > Settings >. System > Display

  • Brightness :- For adjusting the brightness of the backlight
  • Backlight timeout :- For setting the time at which the backlight turns off
  • Color Mode :- This option allows the user to choose between day or night colors. A third option called Auto is also available which lets the device to automatically choose colors depending on the time of the day
  • Screen Capture :- This options enables the user to take screenshots and save the data on the screen of your device

System settings –

System settings under settings allow you to :-

  • Turn on or turn off tones by selecting Menu > Settings > System > Tones
  • Change the language of the device by selecting Menu > Settings > System > Language
  • Resetting the configurations to the initial stage by selecting Menu > Settings > System > Device Reset > Initial Setup

Cleaning the Edge 520

  • Before cleaning the Edge 520 make sure that the weather cap is tightly secured to prevent the USB port from any damage
  • For cleaning the Edge 520 use a cloth dampened with a mild detergent
  • Wipe the device using a dry cloth
  • Allow the device to dry completely
  • Please note that you should avoid using chemical cleaners, solvents or insect repellants for cleaning the device as they can damage the plastic components and finishes

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